2017 NU SKIN Star Convention – Non-stop recognition, at 2017 Star Convention! (June 30, 2017)

Non-stop recognition,
at 2017 Star Convention!

June 30, 2017


Non-stop recognition, at 2017 Star Convention! Congratulations to all newly promoted 1 Million Dollar Circle Members and 5 Million Dollar Circle Members*! All of them have achieved their goals and found their wonderful life-long business. Want to hear their success stories and get inspired? Don't miss our Star Convention on July 15!


The Sucess Story of Grace Chien & Fiona Yiu:


Million Dollar Circle Members* and mother-daughter duo Grace Chien and Fiona Yiu are modern, professional women who didn’t quite understand the Nu Skin business model when they first learned about the company. Grace was operating her family’s electric appliance manufacturing business, and Fiona was a business development manager for a large company. Then Grace saw how her sponsor, Ken Graham, was changing his life with his Nu Skin business, she decided to take this opportunity seriously.


As Grace became more familiar with Nu Skin, she realized that this business offered her a chance to build success, with all of her effort counting and accumulating. She also knew that the better she managed her business, the more time flexibility and financial rewards she would enjoy. Fiona was quickly influenced by her mother’s efforts, and impressed by the company’s professional image and force for good culture. She began working with her mother to build their business and now both have become outstanding full-time distributors. Today, Grace and Fiona are enjoying the many rewards their business brings them. They feel Nu Skin has enabled them to experience continuous self-improvement, also learned how to communicate with, and care about others. Most of all, they consider it a blessing to help their business partners become successful. And when it comes to their “secret to success,” it is quite simple: “Build your business with your heart instead of your words,” they say. “If it is your mission to help others, just stick to this belief and success will be within reach.”



The Sucess Story of Frank Yeung, Rowena Chan & Boris Yeung:


"No difficulty can defeat a couple with a unified goal", the saying is the best description of Rowena and Frank. Confident of the quality products and business opportunities of Nu Skin, the couple determined to develop the Nu Skin career with all their best. Finally, they have been recognized as Million Dollar Circle Members*.


As a captain, Frank had been working diligently and never thought about changing the job, until the day when he decided to move to the United States. Introduced by his friend, Frank realized that Nu Skin is a business that requires low cost and involves low risk. He therefore embarked on his own Nu Skin business. As Frank's efforts gradually born fruits, his wife, Rowena decided to join him to create a bright tomorrow together in Nu Skin.


In order to expand the Philippines market and build a more powerful network, they had to stay in the Philippines for a long time and communication has become a great barrier to the couple. But their hard work finally paid off after two years: they built great friendship with many people of different cultures and backgrounds, their network also gradually expanded.


Thanks to the Nu Skin platform, Frank and Rowena have gained both time and financial freedom. Living in the United States, they now enjoy a carefree life without worrying about their livelihood. They can spend time with their family members as they wish. Now they wish to share the Nu Skin business with other people as well as help their partners realize their dreams by working hard together as a team.



The Sucess Story of Vivian Lee:


Growing up is a process which requires time and experience for remarkable results. Million Dollar Circle member* Vivian Lee not only gains a lot of confidence, but also improves her interpersonal skills after joining NU SKIN. She is now cheerful and proactive, also she loves the fact that she has met so many people from different walks of life.


Vivian is definitely a product of the product, with many calling her a “walking advertisement” for Nu Skin and Pharmanex products. She says everybody notices the difference the products have made in her appearance and vitality.

Vivian is proud to be part of the company’s dramatic growth over the years. She feels Nu Skin’s comprehensive support, including a flexible compensation plan and marketing programs, consistent efforts to put new resources into opening new markets and new showcases, organizing product expositions, and providing distributor support services offer distributors the best possible sponsoring environment.


Giving back is a big part of Vivian’s life today. She takes the company’s force for good mission to heart and supports many charity activities. She is honored to have been nominated to serve as an Executive Member of Nu Skin’s Children’s Heart Program Committee. Going forward with her Nu Skin career, she reminds others that success never comes overnight. “Everyone can succeed if he or she is willing to commit, and follow the steps of the successful leaders,” she says.

* Million/ 5 Million Dollar Circle Members are independent distributors who have earned over one/ five-million US dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market or go to www.nuskin.com.