NEXT STATION IS... Your next station, NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention! (June 15, 2018)

NEXT STATION IS... Your next station, NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention!

June 15, 2018

It’s a grand gathering with up to 20,000 NU SKIN family members. With only one week to go, I’m taking you both on and off the stage to get a glance at those latest highlights and long-awaited surprises. See what spoiler we’ve prepared for you.


External field with interactive entertainment·Revolute as you like


Upgraded Zone for Honor Recognition→Download NU EVENTS APP and obtain your exclusive recognition information. A vast stage is here ready for your presence!


Interactive Mosaic wall→ Hit the 1.5 billion goal* with your photos


Green, White and Blue Recognition Party→ DJ and drummers, day and night for your celebration.


ageLOC life experience showroom→ Feature everything from ageLOC signature products to Golden Ecosystem blockbusters. 


Meet you in lively sea world at BALI Coral Museum.


More to come… stay tuned for further details onsite!


Internal filed with vitalized elegance·Honorable as you are


On the audio-visual feast, you will be treated with:

  • Musical and orchestra playing cool, your dreams all coming true
  • NU SKIN’s future mapping to be shared by two special guests, Ryan Napierski, President of NU SKIN and Joseph Y. Chang, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, Product Development.
  • Performance in the name of Force for Good, by six Super Starlight Show groups; Exhibition of ageLOC excellence, by NEXT TOP MODEL.


Which host are you expecting for NU SKIN’s most glamorous recognition convention ever? At this very moment of great honor, no one can rival her to take position as the host!


Difficult as a host can be, she is capable of taking every situation well under control.

Tao Jingying, specially invited as the host for 2018 NU SKIN Regional Convention, is a standing host for several prestigious award ceremonies like Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards and Golden Bell Awards. Such experience is so rarely seen that it earned her a name of ‘host diva of three Gold Awards’, indicating her profound foundation as a host.


So far, she has hosted Golden Melody Awards for twelve times, Golden Horse Awards five times, Golden Bell Awards two times and Public Hundred Flowers Awards once. The unbreakable record leaves far behind her junior generation to catch up. More than that, she is full of intellectual beauty and witty remarks, winning her great popularity among the audience. In addition, she is one of the most representative hosts in Chinese speaking entertainment circle due to her sound hosting style. Thus, no one other than her can bring out the splendid glory at the moment of recognition.


A successful splash modern woman, handling multiple roles with ease

As a versatile and well-rounded entertainer, Tao is favored by lots of females and regarded as an example by them. But you may not know, such impressive achievements of her didn’t come easy. At the fourth year of her entertainment career, her TV programs walked off the line one after another. She was depressed so much, and even nearly quit.


At the last moment, she was encouraged and inspired by a question from one of her predecessors Zhang Xiaoyan, asking if she had any representative shows over her career. Hearing that, she made up her mind to hang on and took over a new program named ‘Entertainment News’. It turned out to be a trend setter of the industry. The huge success also awakened Tao to find the unique positioning herself. Later on, she hosted hit shows ranging from ‘Superstar Avenue’, ‘University’ to ‘Women 234’. Daring to speak up and daring to act, Tao has been set as a female model of the new age.


‘I’m always changing along the way, while learning is the only thing unchanged ever.’

The world is changing quickly as the earth is rotating ceaselessly. Remember to look forward and keep moving especially when you feel afraid. ‘When you meet with something new, it’s too early to consider whether you are suitable for it before you really give it a try!’ The point is, how eager are you for your desire?


Over nearly 30 years of her career, she has never stopped exploring and endeavoring. ‘Life is full of learning’ as she says, learning is the way how she perceives life. ‘I believe I am capable of taking responsibility for my life, and this is what independence really means.’ Take a brave step forward, the way ahead of you will become clearer.



Writing, singing, acting and hosting…… Tao’s temper of sensitivity and intellectuality come from her consistent passion for life and endless curiosity for the world. ‘Rather than saying Live While We’re Young, I’d live to live my whole life to the fullest.’ Life is full of unknown surprises awaiting for you to dig and feel. Nice to begin this endless trip as early as possible though, it’s never too late to pursue various possibilities in your life. This just coincides with the theme of this regional convention ‘NEXT NU Revolution’, never stop, keep moving forward to NEXT station without turning BACK. And do dare to be different. Limits are to be broken after you exert yourself to the best.


Tips·Considerable as you deserve

  • Easy self-service check-in with code attached with ticket number
  • Download NU EVENTS APP for first hand convention information






Can’t wait for this great event? Magnificent stage, fancy performance, plus endorsement of hosting diva… You must not miss it! Right on 19th-22nd June, Hong Kong. See you there!


*The venue pictures used are design draft for illustration, and shall subject to on-site effect.

*1.5 billion refers to the goal, shall not be taken as financial forecast

*Galvanic SPA products are not available in Taiwan market