Sharing the witness of growth with you (April 28, 2017)

Sharing the witness of growth with you

April 28, 2017

Show your pride! Be creative and win great prizes!

You have to be mentally tough to push yourself to forge ahead continuously. Besides, you definitely need encouragement from friends. Leave a record for each proud moment whenever you make progress. Share your happiness and glory with your friends. Pass your positive energy to on!

Now, upload a creative picture of you and your promotion pin and write down your story. You may even get a chance to win a great prize!



Step1. Go to Nu Skin Plaza to receive the promotion pin and take a beautiful picture with the pin.

Step2. Upload the photo and post a short story to Facebook. Put the tag #NUSKINHKMC and set the post to public.

Nu Skin will select the most creative story and picture from today. You can win a great gift if your story and picture are posted on the Nu Skin official fan page. The event ends the end of June, 2017. Gifts are limited. Upload your story and picture as soon as possible!