NU SKIN Volunteer Team Share CNY Joy with Kids (March 6, 2015)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Share CNY Joy with Kids

March 6, 2015


On February 13, 2015, NU SKIN, the Anti-aging expert, sent 10 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to lead 16 kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, visiting the Chinese New Year Fair at the Flower Market to experience the joy of Chinese New Year. Kids found it is interesting in the flower market. With the accompany of our volunteers, kids learnt a lot about the customs of Chinese New Year. The joyful afternoon ended with yummy Chinese cuisine.
The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are listed as below (listed  in no particular order): Nathan Wong Man Tat (Captain), Kasey Chui Pui Yee (Vice Captain), Chan Happy Venus, Wong Lai Ling, Yu Mo See, Hui Chun Wing, Tong Tsz Ching, Xu Zhen Ting, Silvia Nim and Ben Cheung. Below are some of their sharings:   

“Thanks for giving me a chance to join this visiting! Sharing love is an easy action. I am so touched by their innocent heart. ” Kasey Chui said.

“Wish the children much happiness and grow up healthily.” Ben Cheung said.

“Kids are well-behaved. After joining this volunteer activity, I think Hong Kong children are blessed and the kids from HKSPC need more caring from us. ”Xu Zhen Ting said.

“Kids are adorable and well-behaved. Hope that we can play with them again. ”An Xiao Yan said.

“This is a meaningful volunteer activity and we enjoyed it so much. Actually there are a lot of kids or people need our caring and helping hands. Kids from HKSPC are well-behaved. Helping others with hearts is a joyful thing.” Chan Happy Venus said.

“Playing and having lunch with the kids makes me feel younger. Being volunteer makes me happy. Able to help is a kind of happiness. Keep going.” Wong Lai Ling said.

“It is happy to meet those sincere kids and play with them. It is a rare chance for us to get together at this moment out of crowds. They are well-behaved. Wish they grow up happily and healthily.” Yu Mo See said.

“It is simple to help others. I just pay a little, but I can bring the needy much happiness. I will help more people in the future.” Nathan Wong said.

“This event gives me a chance to take care of the needy children in the society. Thanks NU SKIN for giving me a chance to share love and care with those kids. What I can do is limit, but I hope that I can continue to give my helping hands to these children in need in the future.” Tong Tsz Ching said.