Create “New Skin” with NU SKIN Greater China Region Together and Create More Smiles (July 10, 2015)

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Create “New Skin” with NU SKIN Greater China Region Together

July 10, 2015

Serious dust explosion accident happened in Formosa Water Park of New Taipei on June 27, 2015 when Color Play Asia was under way. 495 people were injured and sent to 49 hospitals in Taiwan. 3 of the victims died and 281 victims are still hospitalizing in Intensive Care Unit. The number of injured victims has been the highest since the 921 Earthquake.


The dust explosion gave rise to raging flame. It makes the visitors who were enjoying the party, fall into hell in a moment.  Burn trauma is the most serious challenge in terms of accidents.  Many burn survivors would lose their willpower or even give-up medical treatment because of the wound pain, or failure to face their disfigurement.  Their roads towards recovery is very difficult and it takes not only months, but also years and even a life-long time, for them to recover.  A large burn will cause contracture and become limb function obstacle.  Besides, deep burning would cause nerve system damage, physical disability, deformed limb, muscle atrophy, etc., which needs a long time to recover.


Facing the long way of rehabilitation, NU SKIN hopes to bring hope to the victims, helping them to recreate a piece of “new skin”, through integrating the power of Force for Good Found in Greater China and motivating the Force for Good from our business partners, staff, and our customers. We target to raise TWD 5 million or above and donate to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to create more smiles. 


On or before July 25, 2015, you can make your donation to Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter by a cheque and payable to “Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter”. Please mark your “Distributor ID Number” and “To Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation” at the back of the cheque.  Pass this cheque with a filled donation form to the CWB showcase or your EP.  After collecting all the cheque, we will donate the money directly to Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation by Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact your EP.



Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation

With the aim of providing professional assistance to help burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement on their difficult road towards recovery. The name of Sunshine Foundation was derived from the title of the book for 32 years. Sunshine Physical Rehabilitation Center is the first and only community-based rehabilitation center specializing in burns in Taiwan.


Unexpected changes can catch us unprepared and force us out of the original tracks of our lives; people with facial disfigurement understand this kind of painful experience the best. Day in, day out, they have to live under the constant pressure of strangers’ stares, and they face more difficulties than most people when looking for a job or trying to fit in society. Their different appearance results not only in tremendous psychological pressure, but also in various financial and social difficulties.


For burn survivors unable to come to Taipei, the Foundation has developed an outreach service by which social workers and therapists based in the five regional centers visit patients in their home, carrying out evaluation, planning of a rehabilitation program, and supervision.


As a nonprofit organization, Sunshine Foundation has been actively providing professional services for burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement in the hope of helping them live their lives with confidence. We take pride in always upholding the values of humanity in our work, and have earned wide public recognition over the past two decades. Your support of Sunshine Foundation has made a great difference in a lot of people’s lives. Your encouragement and acceptance will continue to bring the sunshine back to the lives of more burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement.