NU SKIN Volunteer Team Plant Jamming at the Dazzling Floral World (July 10, 2015)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Plant Jamming at the Dazzling Floral World

July 10, 2015


On June 27, 2015, Anti-aging expert – NU SKIN sent 10 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to accompany 16 kids from the Hong Kong Children’s Heart Foundation to participate in a Plant Jamming Activity. NU SKIN, at the same time, arranged their parents to join the Plant Jamming as well because we understand that looking after the ill children is never an easy job. We wish to bring smiles to their families and provide them a chance to relax and enjoy.

With their joy and laughter, our volunteers, the adorable kids and their parents enjoyed our Plant Jamming Activity. Colorful Flowers became various artistic art pieces under the unlimited imaginations of the children. Their smiling faces showed that they were all satisfied with their work. After they have finished the Plant Jamming, they admired each other’s work and presented the work to their parents as a gift of thanks.  Our volunteers, the kids and their parents gained a sense of accomplishment and happiness, thus having a fulfilling and memorable afternoon!

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Li Si Yin Esther (Captain), Ellie Sze-To (Vice Captain), Lo Man Wai, Yee Lai Fong Mon, Shirley Wong, Grace Chan, Wu Lai Ha Liza, Feng Hui Min Emily, Pong Kwong Man Aman and Luk Pui Lin Queenie.

Their sharings are as follows:
“This is a meaningful activity that enhances communication within the family. We are all impressed by the creativity of the children. Thank you NU SKIN and HKCHF for their arrangement.” Li Si Yin, Esther said.
“I am delighted to spend a happy afternoon with the kids, and to see them dedicating their art pieces to their parents.” Ellie Sze-To said.
“This activity increases communication between children and parents. Very Good!” Lo Man Wai said.
“The kids are very energetic and the parents are very devoted in the activity. They have great interactions.” Yee Lai Fong, Mon said.
“Fun and very engaging. Well organized and very dedicated volunteers. Bravo!” Shirley Wong said.
“The kids are innocent and energetic, I hope they grow up healthily. In the event, the children learn the importance of cooperating, as well as to think creatively.” Grace Chan said.
“It’s my pleasure to join this activity, I’m lucky that I am partnered with a good girl that we can talk a lot and learnt from each other. I am looking forward to the next activity.” Wu Lai Ha, Liza said.
“Very meaningful and happy! The kids are creative and this event enhances the communication and cooperation between the children and others!” Feng Hui Min, Emily said.
“I am very glad to spend time with the children to create plant pot crafts. It is very meaningful!” Pong Kwong Man, Aman said.
“This activity helps the kids to recognize the life of the plants, to treasure and appreciate the plants, making their life fruitful and delightful. Much effort is put in to each plant and they all look beautiful. I could also share part of the happiness from this success.” Luk Pui Lin, Queenie said.