NU SKIN Volunteer Team Special learning experience in furniture store (May 13, 2016)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Special learning experience in furniture store

May 13, 2016


On April 25, 2016, NU SKIN volunteer team brought 16 kids who are under 2 years old from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to visit a furniture store in Kowloon Bay. The store is a good place for kids to broaden their horizons which they seldom have chances to go out. They were curious about everything, accompanied by our volunteers, they tried to touch different items and volunteers taught them patiently. After a happy visit to the furniture store, they enjoyed a meal together and learned some common knowledge of daily life. We hope that there will be more business partners joining our Force for Good activities to spread our love and care to the community.

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity include (listed not in sequence): Becky Ngan (Captain), Cyan Ng (Vice-Captain), Valient Leung, Helen Ho, Jason Wong, Hok Kin Kau, James Cheung, Mak Kai Fun, Glory Fung, Patty Ng, Polly Ng and Lillian Cheung.

The volunteers' sharing is as follows:

"After receiving love and care from all volunteers, children showed their sweet smile again. It was worth carrying out the charity with NU SKIN." Becky Ngan said.

"Kids were shy in the beginning but at last we were not willing to say good-bye to each other. We learned many communication skills in this activity. It was true and pure to chat with children. Thanks NU SKIN for organizing this program." Cyan Ng said.

"'Smart' and 'lovely' were the first impression that I had on kids. Although we were strangers to them, we became friends and were reluctant to leave so soon later on." Valient Leung said.

"From a stranger to a friend, from cool faces to happy faces, these changes were all created under the basis of love and care. It was thankful to meet the children. They were lovely, true and pure. It reminded me not to forget the initial enthusiasm. Thank you NU SKIN!" Helen Ho said.

"The service target of this activity is kids under 2. Their smiles were pure. Their curiosities were so impressive. I hope to meet the kids again very soon." Jason Wong said.


"Please keep organizing such meaningful activity!" Hok Kin Kau said.


"I haven't played with little kids since my daughter grew up. I played happily with the kids in this activity and they awakened the memory of my daughter's childhood as well. That is the reason why I think this program is good." James Cheung said.

"Volunteers were happy to join the activity. I hope our next generation can grow with blessing in this lovely society. Thanks for all kind volunteers!" Mak Kai Fun said.

"I was happy to participate in this volunteer activity." Glory Fung said.

"It was very grateful of me to join this activity." Patty Ng said.

"I was so glad to join this meaningful activity. I hope I can have a chance to join it again." Polly Ng said.

"It was amazing to join this activity and share happiness with the children." Lillian Cheung said.