NU SKIN Volunteer Team Water Fun Fun Fun (June 30, 2016)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Water Fun Fun Fun

June 30, 2016


The best choice during hot summer is no doubt playing in water. After we went to Ma Wan for the beach, this time NU SKIN volunteer team went  to the centre of the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children. 13 of us visited the Children’s Residential Home in Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to play in the water with 17 kids. At first the kids were a little bit nervous about meeting strangers. But when time passes they got closer to the volunteers and played happily with them. There were splashes and laughter, everyone was very happy. After playing in the water, we had lunch together. At last, the kids even gave a handmade gift to all of the volunteers.

The NU SKIN volunteers who participated in the activity are (listed not in sequence): Cheung Yim Ling (Captain), Lau Yan Yan (Vice-captain), Angela Chow, Gigi Wong, Cheung Kit Ming, Elsa Kwan, Wayson Chan, See Yun Yee, Ken Chang, Kwan Hoi Charn, Nicole Mok, Doris Lo and Crystal Lai.

‘I am so happy to join this activity. I can feel how innocent and lovely the children are. We will continue inheriting and promoting the Force for Good.’ said Cheung Yim Ling.

‘This activity let me know how to get along with kids and how to handle their emotions. I love to be with the kids, they are innocent and adorable. I had a great time as well!’ said Lau Yan Yan.

‘This is my first time to participate in such kind of activity, I feel delightful. Through playing with the kids and having a meal with them, I realized that if you devote your sincere and kind heart, it will not just be the happiness for the others, but also yourself. I will join more activities like this in the future!’ said Angela Chow.

‘It is my third time joining the FFG volunteer activity. I am so happy to see those innocent and lovely children. I am grateful that NU SKIN provides us with the opportunity to join such a meaningful activity. I had an unforgettable morning!’ said Gigi Wong.

‘It is so cheerful to spend time with a group of lovely kids. Count me in if there is another activity like this! said Cheung Kit Ming.

‘I am so joyful that I could regain my innocence. Watching them having fun and getting more acquainted with us, unlike when we met them at the beginning.’ said Elsa Kwan.

‘I realized that it is not easy to take care of child after this volunteer activity. I am happy to have such an experience. I get the chance to play with them and know more about their living condition.’ said Wayson Chan.

‘I can get along with the kids through this activity and bring them some joy and love. It makes them happy.’ said See Yun Yee

‘We all had fun! Playing with a group of little kids under the sun is so delightful and exciting. Playing and interacting with them reminds me of my pure and simple heart. The world is full of laughter and happiness. I hope that it can arouse the awareness of the society and bring more love here- to the Children’s Residential Home.’ said Ken Chang.

‘I feel happy. This is a meaningful activity. I realize that I can bring happiness to everyone. And the children can bring happiness to me. I am very touched!’ said Kwan Hoi Charn.

‘The kids are very energetic. Seeing the contented smile on their faces makes me feel good. I also learnt how to get along with them and take care of them. I hope that there will be more opportunities to join activity like this in the coming days!’ said Nicole Mok.

‘This is my second time to join the same kind of activity. Last time I was not matched with a kid but just to assist beside. This time I have to take care of a kid, and therefore there is more involvement. The previous time the children played in the water was in Ma Wan where we had our May activity. If there is no volunteer activity, the children don’t have many chances to experience the joy of playing in water. And so they really need our help.’ said Doris Lo.

‘It is second time for me to join the volunteer activity. Although the weather is hot, we are happy to see that the kids are having lots of fun. I hope that I can join more different kinds of voluntary work and bring more laughter to them.’ said Crystal Lai.