NU SKIN Volunteer Team – Ferry Experience (July 29, 2016)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Ferry Experience

July 29, 2016


NU SKIN Volunteer Team guided the kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC) to take ferry. Volunteers were happy to communicate and interact with the kids. They want to have more contributions to the community. They can discover the best self through being a volunteer.  

Sharing of the NU SKIN volunteers as below: (listed in no particular order):

‘I made friend with the child after the activity. I found the meaning of volunteering. The program is full of laughter. I am delighted to spend a joyful morning with kids.’ said Teresa Keung (Captain).

‘Force for Good is not only about money support, but also our involvement. I would cherish my family more after this activity. I will share today’s experience with my daughter and let her know how blissful she is. Therefore, she can discover the best self later’ said Rory Chu (Vice Captain).  

‘Although the kids are very young, they are not shy at all and very nice to us. The kids are polite and showed they are well-educated. This is my first time to join such kind of volunteer activity. I wish I could participate again!’ said Choy Chuen Lee.

‘I am delighted to join this voluntary activity because the kids were happy to have this special experience. I hope the children could know more about the society through this activity. Also, it provides an opportunity for me to discover a better self and have more contribution to the society. Let’s discover the best us together!’ said Mandy Sze.

‘The little kids are in the learning stage. It is good to chat with them more since they can learn faster through conversation. They can grow happily with appreciation. It is importance to have a joyful childhood. The love and caring from others is crucial as well. I hope that they could discover the best self in the future.’ said Yeung Kin Tong.

‘It’s a good experience to have a great time with the kids.’ said Yvonne Kung.

‘The activity was great! The kids are well-behaved and I get along well with them. I wish they can discover the better self in the future.’ said Nick Lai

‘The kids are lovely and well-behaved. It is rare for me to communicate with children who under 3 years old. I hope to have more opportunity to join this kind of activity. I cherish this experience because I really enjoy getting along with children’ said Colette Keung.

‘I wish the lovely and well-behaved kids all the best. This activity is meaningful since we can discover the best self through volunteering. I hope the kids could discover a better self in the future too.’ said Coco Lok.

‘I am grateful to join this activity since it provided a chance for kids to know more about transportations. We can cultivate our patience through communicating with kids. I wish I could have more chances to help people in need and discover a better me in the future.’said Fion Chan.

‘I am glad to participate in this activity. The kids are well-disciplined. This showed education is useful for children.’ said Leung Sau Yin.

‘This is the fourth time I joined the meaningful activity of HKSPC. The little kids were excited and full of joy’ said Bill Chan.

‘It is very meaningful to spend my morning with the lovely kids! Living with bliss is not destined. We should cherish what we have and strive to discover the best self.’ said Agnes Wong.