NU SKIN Volunteer Team – Share The Christmas Joy (December 9, 2016)

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NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Share The Christmas Joy

December 9, 2016


Santa Claus is coming to town! Christmas illumination is around the city. This time, NU SKIN Volunteer Team brought the kids from Children’s Residential Home to enjoy Christmas lightings and decorations in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was like getting into the fairy tale world, the kids were so excited to see the huge Christmas trees and snowmen.

The NU SKIN volunteers who participated in the activity are (listed in no particular order): Daisy Kwok (Captain), Katherine Cheng (Vice-captain), Chan Mei Lai, Katty Chan , May Cheung, Alice Leung, Daisy Yau, Kitty Cheung, Terrence Ho, Veronica Wong, Lawrence Cheng and Doris Lo.

“Children were disciplined since they were well-trained. We would contribute to the society by providing love and care to the kids. Our team planned to join volunteer activity again! ” said Daisy Kwok.

“The 2 year-old children we served were very adorable. They showed their happiness by their facial expression and action. Though they came from complicated family, but I hope organizations, volunteers and schools could help them grow up in the right way and discover a better self. ” said Katherine Cheng.

“This volunteer activity brought me an unforgettable memory. Happiness of kid made me feel happy as well. I hope to join volunteer activity again.” said Chan Mei Lai.

“I was glad to have this opportunity to join volunteer activity. Children were so lovely and active, but taking care of them was not easy. We have to treat them with love and care. I have learnt a lot from this activity. Kids are future of society, we have to train them in right way, giving them a healthy growth.” said Katty Chan.

“I was so happy to join the volunteer activity. The children lost their families when they were young. I believed that they need more concern from society. Though they were lack of love and card from their family, but they were so clever. I can discover a better self when I contribute more. ” said May Cheung.

“This activity was so meaningful, which taught me that happiness is not inevitable. I must join again! ” said Alice Leung.

“This was a very meaningful activity. When I saw the smiles of children, I felt happy too. Also I realized that being a parent is not easy. I hope the kids could grow happily since they are the future of society.” said Daisy Yau.

“Kids were so excited and happy in the activity, which gave me opportunity to take care of the children, giving them love and care.” said Kitty Cheung.

“After playing with children, I realized that this society needs more care. Also I found that I still have childishness. Children really brought a lot of fun and happiness to us. ” said Terence Ho.

 “We were stranger at the beginning, but we built trust with children gradually and finally we became friends. They were so clever and corresponding. I cannot imagine that they could accept us in such short period of time.” said Veronica Wong.

“Having chance to play with children and after I understood the background of them, I am so thankful that NU SKIN and Business Partners really supported on Force for Good a lot.” said Lawrence Cheng.

“This was the sixth time that I joined FFG activities. I could see some new faces every time which means some kids came and left. These activities were so meaningful. It could bring the warmth to more children in needed. And I understood that we have to provide more help to the unprivileged. We could make good use of our advantages to help the needy and discover a better self. ” said Doris Lo.