A Milestone of "Star Creator Reward Scheme” Discover a Better Self By Empowerment (20 April, 2018)

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A Milestone of the "Star Creator Reward
Scheme” Discover a Better Self By Empowerment

April 20, 2018



With the mission to be a force for good, Nu Skin is committed to empower the underprivileged and improve their lives.  Since 2014, Nu Skin has initiated the “Star Creator Reward Scheme”, aiming to encourage students to make self-improvement and contribute to their families by their own efforts. Students who made significant progress on academic performance and moral conduct will receive daily commodities such as shampoo and cleansing gel as rewards. This motivates students to study hard and bring hope to their families.  Until now, over 300 students have been recognized for their accomplishments.


This year, we expanded our efforts to Tung Tak School in Yuen Long to launch the second phase of “Star Creator Reward Scheme”.  Most of the students of this school come from underprivileged families.  To continue our mission in empowerment, daily commodities were presented to them as gifts for their hard work and they could share joy with their family members.

The first award ceremony was held on the 15th of April (Sunday).  We were honored to invite Mr. Thomas Ho of Nu Skin volunteer team to be the guest of honor. Mr. Thomas Ho is devoted to children education and service for many years.  He trusts choosing a right way to follow is as important as making great efforts.  Thomas encouraged students to pursue their desire and move towards success.  They will be amazed about what they can achieve.