We’re Making A Difference (12 April, 2019)

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We’re Making A Difference

April 12, 2019



Nu Skin, its sales leaders, customers, and employees have already purchased and donated 600+ million meals to malnourished children around the world through the Nourish the Children initiative. This means more than 120,000 children in 50 countries are nourished by VitaMeal every day! That's thrilling progress—but as global hunger grows, we have to improve our response. Even before the destruction brought on by Cyclone Idai, more than 3 million Malawians needed food assistance. Now, in the catastrophic aftermath, that number grows exponentially every day. And the need in Malawi is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the World Health Organization, hunger impacts more than 800 million people worldwide. To meet the staggering global demand for life-saving VitaMeal, we’re making it even easier to purchase and donate.


Starting April 1, 2019, ALL VitaMeal purchases will count toward both your Ambassador and Chief Ambassador qualifications—in addition to the purchases made via ARO orders today. The Ambassador qualification requirements remain the same at 16 bags per month for two consecutive months. At least 4 of those bags per month must be personally purchased by you, your customers, or members. The remaining qualifying bags may be purchased by you or by your personally sponsored Brand Affiliates.


We look forward to this newly simplified process, which will help us recognize and reward many more outstanding Ambassadors and Chief Ambassadors. But BEST of all—we’ll create MILLIONS of additional smiles this year. Thank you so much for your continued generosity. Now, let’s get giving!


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