5 Keys to Strengthening Customer and New Sales Team Member Relationships

5 Keys to Strengthening Customer and New Sales Team Member Relationships


Establishing a mutually-beneficial relationship with your customers and sales team members creates a path for future sales success and business longevity. Here are 5 keys to help you strengthen your connection with them.


1. Identify.  Focus on your customer or sales team member and be a good listener. Get to know them and what’s important to them. By identifying their wants and needs you can tailor your message to them.


2. Be Positive. Make it known that you are excited about what you and your product can do for them and what’s important to them. Share your story with confidence and enthusiasm.


3. Strategize. Develop a scenario where they can see how the solutions your offer fit into their life. Demonstrate to them how you can improve their current situation and help them achieve the results they desire.


4. Ask the question. It may seem obvious, but it is important to ask them to take action. Whether it be closing the sale or joining the team, ask with confidence knowing that you are doing all you can for them. This will allow the customer to explain why they either want or don’t want what you are offering. This is crucial information that is often overlooked but can benefit you in future relationships.


5. Follow through. It is time to make good on your promises and ensure your customer or new team member’s success when implementing your solutions. Always follow up and make it known that you are available to help them.


These simple steps can help you to build positive relationships with your customers and new sales team members. It will encourage them to trust you and will help you establish long-term relationships that will benefit your business.


Let’s talk about it: What tips do you have to strengthen your customer and new sales team member relationships?