Power September! NU TREND (Sep 1, 2019)

Power September! NU TREND

Sep 1, 2019



This September, NU TREND is coming back with well-received programs and attractive promotion offers that all Nu Skin HKMC brand affiliates or members can participate and enjoy! Continuing the theme of “POWER SEPTEMBER” last year, we wish that our third NU TREND this year could give a power boost to all brand affiliates in helping power up your business!

“NU POWER” Video

To be a legend of success, everyone has their own expression and interpretation. Finding out and excelling in what you believe and what you have, taking steps to achieve your goals and ambitions, are the real essence of “NU POWER”. This Power September, we are pleased to invite three of our outstanding partners to share their success stories in the 3 episodes of “NU POWER”. Please stay tuned to our upcoming event “NU POWER” on our Facebook page - Nu Skin HKMC Business Page throughout September to learn about their secrets to success. Simply share the video to your Facebook account and you might win a surprising gift! Gifts are available while stock lasts! Activity details will be announced on Nu Skin HKMC Business Page.


Nu Experience Day

Another highlight will be the return of our popular event in the last two quarters - “Nu Experience Day”! You are more than welcome to accompany your new friends to get to know more about Nu Skin through our products, business platform and more! We look forward to seeing you and your friends soon!
Date :                        20th September 2019 (Friday)

Time :                        3 pm to 8:30 pm

Location :                 Nu Skin Plaza in Causeway Bay
*Details of the event will be announced on the Facebook - Nu Skin HKMC Business Page later.


Offer 1 – New Brand Affiliate & Member Offer#

Any person who signs up successfully as a Nu Skin Brand Affiliate or Member from 1st September to 30th September 2019 will be entitled to receive below item for free upon any single purchase of products at HK$ / MOP2,500 (excluding business support materials), limited offer available while stock lasts:

Spending Amount

Gift item

Upon purchase of HK$ / MOP2,500

Tegreen97® (30 caps) 1 pc (Worth: HK$255 / MOP263)



Offer 2 – Nu Collections Update

Start from 2nd September 2019, below Nu Collections will be updated, please visit Nu Skin Hong Kong & Macau Official Website, or scan the QR code for details about the Nu Collections update.


Hong Kong Nu Collections Info

Macau Nu Collections Info


Product Code

Nu Collections Product Package Name

Promotional Price

Sales Volume (SV)

Delivery Remarks


ageLOC® Galvanic Body Spa®* Kit

HK$5,000 / MOP5,150




ageLOC® Galvanic Spa®* Facial Treatment Kit

HK$5,000 / MOP5,150


All orders which are placed between 2nd to 12th September 2019, will be received within 16th to 20th September 2019.


ageLOC® Facial Treatment Renewal Kit

HK$5,000 / MOP5,150



ageLOC® LuMeSPARTY Set *

HK$11,000 / MOP11,330



ageLOC® LuMeSPARTY Set %* (Installment)




ageLOC® Supreme TR90® Kit %*




ageLOC® Supreme TR90® Kit (MC) & ^*

Must purchase together with ageLOC® TR90® Jumpstart!^ (Bundle Price HK$620)




ageLOC® Supreme TR90® Kit %* (Installment)




New Brand Affiliate & Member Offer is subject to relevant terms and conditions, please visit Nu Skin Hong Kong & Macau official website for more details. (Scan the QR code)

Limited offer available while stock lasts.

#New brand affiliates or members are entitled to this complimentary product of New Brand Affiliate & Member Offer once only.

%Packages are available in Hong Kong market only.

&Packages are available in Macau only.

#Spa device has not been launched in Taiwan market.

!Products pick up at Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza only.

*Purchase of any ageLOC® Supreme TR90® Kit (MC), ageLOC® TR90® Jumpstart must be purchased at the same time.  If brand affiliate or member wants to return the ageLOC® TR90®product  which is in the ageLOC® Supreme TR90® Kit (MC) or the ageLOC® TR90® Jumpstart, he/she must also return the whole kit and return the ageLOC® TR90® Jumpstart.


「ageLOC® GALVANIC SPA®* Complete Set」Nu Skin Hong Kong/Macau Pre-Market Trial

Date: 12th September, 2019

Qualification: Brand affiliates who promoted to or maintain as Brand Representative or above from 1st August to 31st August, 2019, each brand affiliate account can order up to 2 sets of the 「ageLOC® GALVANIC SPA®* Complete Set」

Set includes            

  • ageLOC® GALVANIC SPA® System III* 1 pc
  • ageLOC® Facial Gel (Pre-Treat Gel & Treatment Gel / 4 vials each) 2 boxes
  • ageLOC® Body Shaping Gel 4 pcs
  • ageLOC® GALVANIC SPA® PowerMask (5 pcs / box) 2 boxes
  • ageLOC® Nutriol® Shampoo 1 pc
  • ageLOC® Nutriol® Conditioner 1 pc
  • ageLOC® Nutriol® Intensive Scalp & Hair Serum 1 pc

Promotional Price: HK$5,000 / MOP5,150

Sales Volume (SV): 500


Nu Skin Plaza - 10/F, Lee Garden II, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

Macau Distribution Center - Rua de Pequim No. 244-246 6-H, Macau Finance Centre, Macau

Limited offer available while stock lasts.

Please scan QR code for the terms & conditions.

*Spa device is not launched in Taiwan market.


September New Product Info

ageLOC® GALVANIC SPA® PowerMask will be launched from 2nd Sep 2019 at Nu Skin Hong Kong & Macau Official Website, Nu Skin Plaza, Mongkok and Macau Distribution Centers. Details as below:


Name of Product

Sug. Retail Price

Member Price

Sales Volume

ARO Member Price


Sales Volume


ageLOC® GALVANIC SPA® PowerMask  (5 pcs / box)

HK$545 / MOP560

HK$380 / MOP392


HK$342 / MOP353