REDISCOVER NU SKIN NOW (November 1, 2019)


November 1, 2019


Dear Leader,

Former Brand Representatives (prior to October 2019, October included) are invited to participate in the Rediscover Nu Skin Now incentive (“Rediscover Incentive”) from Nov 1, 2019 – Feb 29, 2020.  The Rediscover Incentive is a temporary incentive (as an alternative to Restart) that offers former Brand Representatives the opportunity to become a Brand Representative again.


Before completing this Letter of Intent, please read the Rediscover Incentive qualification criteria and terms and conditions below so that you fully understand the incentive requirements and your obligations.


Rediscover Incentive Qualification

  • Complete 4 Sharing Blocks in a single sales volume month (i.e. not accumulated over multiple months) and be promoted to Brand Representative.  Receive a free ageLOC LumiSpa® with Treatment Head (Normal).
  • Maintain Brand Representative requirements in the next month (i.e. achieve minimum 4 Building Blocks in first full month to which an account is held to Brand Representative maintenance requirements) and receive an ageLOC LumiSpa® with Treatment Head (Normal).


Please submit this Letter of Intent to your Account Manager or local Nu Skin office before you start your Rediscover Incentive qualification.


Please click here to get the Letter of Intent and complete details.



Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC


*Please click here for relevant terms and conditions.