Protect Your Hair from Seasonal Changes

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Protect Your Hair from Seasonal Changes


Most people live in areas where changes in weather fluctuate broadly between summer and winter. These changes not only affect the temperature, but also the amount of moisture in the air. Your skin care needs are impacted by these weather changes as well as seasonal physical activities. This can also have an affect on your hair.


Combatting Summertime Grime


During summer months, individuals tend to spend more time engaging in physical activity and spending time outdoors. With increased time in the sunshine and heat, your body must work harder to stay cool. This can have an effect on your hair’s health and appearance. In the summer your hair may need to be washed more frequently due to sweat and corresponding grime. Additionally, activities that increase environmental exposure can damage hair.

Fighting Dry Hair in the Winter


During winter months the air is drier and your hair may lack the moisture it needs. You may find that washing your hair less frequently and switching to a shampoo that targets dryness can help maintain adequate moisture. Additionally, using a moisturizing conditioner can help replace the hydration that may be lost. Increasing the frequency of a deep conditioner may also help alleviate dryness, delivering the moisture your hair craves




Take time to evaluate changes in your hair to keep yourself looking your very best no matter the season.  TWEET THIS




Nu Skin Balancing Shampoo - works well in combatting sweat and grime


Nu Skin Clarifying Shampoo - can help combat and protect your hair from environmental factors


Nu Skin Weightless Conditioner - may also provide a better feel on hair when heat and humidity are present




Nu Skin Moisturizing Shampoo - restores strength and essential moisture to dry damaged hair


Nu Skin Rich Conditioner - will help hydrate and improve the look and feel of hair during winter months


Nu Skin Renu Hair Mask - a deep conditioning treatment that provides critical hydration  

Growth Cycles Between Seasons


The transition between seasons can also have an impact on your hair. Hair growth happens in cycles. The anagen phase is the growth phase of the hair follicle, often lasts between two and seven years depending on genetics. This is followed by a two to three week transitional stage where growth has ceased. The resting or telogen phase occurs when the hair shaft exits the hair follicle. The follicle then rests for approximately three months before growth resumes. It is not uncommon to lose between fifty to one hundred hairs per day. During transitional seasons, hair loss may increase temporarily as part of a normal biological rhythm, thereby, stimulating regrowth. Many find the leveraging an attack phase of Nutriol Hair Fitness during these seasonal changes can have a positive effect on how thick the hair feels.


To keep yourself looking your very best all year long, be sure to address any changes you observe in your hair care needs.





Written by:

K.C. Holley

Technical Comm/Education Manager

Global Nu Skin Research & Dev