7 Ways To Be More Productive

7 Ways To Be More Productive


With the dawn of a new year comes an increased focus on self-improvement. We create resolutions and goals that help us become better people –  laugh more, lose a few pounds, spend more time with family. We all want to accomplish more, but sometimes we need a little help refocusing ourselves. Here are a few ideas that may help increase your productivity:


1.       Know yourself. Some people work better in the mornings, while others are night owls. Figure out when you are the most productive and make sure to schedule your tasks appropriately.

2.       Hardest things first. It may be easier to tackle harder projects first while your mind is fresh. Once the harder projects are finished it will be easier to accomplish your remaining tasks.

3.       One bite at a time. Even the smallest project can be split into manageable pieces. Segment your task and complete it segment by segment

4.       Develop a process. Take some time to think about the process of completing a task. What steps do you take? Which can be eliminated? Is there an easier way to complete your task?  Developing a process may take significant time now but can pay off by making it easier to accomplish the task a second time around.

5.       Eliminate distractions. When working on a project that requires your full attention, don’t multi-task. Limit interruptions and focus on the task at hand.

6.       Prepare to work. Sometimes all it takes is the right mindset. Before you begin your tasks, think about what you want to accomplish, how long it will take you, and how you will get there. Don’t forget the satisfaction you’ll be rewarded when you complete your tasks.


And when all else fails,


7.       Just start. Momentum can carry things a long way, this includes tasks and projects. One of the biggest obstacles in completing a project is starting the project. Once you’ve started, take it step by step.


As you finish each project on your list, you will feel great satisfaction as you move closer to achieving your 2013 goals.


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