Belief in the Products Helped Kayo Iwamura Build a Relationship

Belief in the Products Helped Kayo Iwamura Build a Relationship

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When Kayo Iwamura thinks of each person she has met through Nu Skin, she is always touched. “I’ve been blessed by those who bought products from me when I just started the business,” she says, “and I am grateful for those who joined the business with me—it is thanks to these great people that I have been able to do the business and continue with it.”


During Kayo’s journey with Nu Skin she has encountered many different people. One of these is a 74-year-old woman who routinely purchased two boxes of LifePak. Each month Kayo would go to the woman’s home to deliver the products. The customer seemed to be quite stern, so Kayo always just handed her the LifePak in a businesslike manner. However, Kayo wanted to build a closer relationship with her and share the force for good values of Nu Skin. Since Kayo believed wholeheartedly in the quality and efficacy of Nu Skin’s products, she decided to give the woman product samples to try. The woman also reminded Kayo of her own mother who lived by herself far away. This reinforced Kayo’s desire to get to know the woman better. Plus, Kayo wanted to see her smile more, so she began bringing her small gifts such as a letter, flowers or a souvenir she had bought while traveling.


The Importance of Focusing on Each Person’s Needs


Looking back on those days, Kayo realizes that even though her meetings with the woman were brief—only five minutes at a time—she was able to provide the woman with a sincere desire to improve her life as well as develop a stronger relationship between the two of them. After six months, the woman invited Kayo to have a cup of tea with her. Then she pointed to the Galvanic Spa and said, “This device is very good, isn’t it? I want to buy it.” This surprised Kayo, since the woman had said she washed her face with soap and wore no makeup. “Based on my previous experiences, I had an assumption that she was not interested in cosmetics,” says Kayo. “When I had tried to promote aesthetic products to my mother and others in her generation, they had not been so enthusiastic about those products. Of course, experiences can be useful, but this incident made me realize that when we meet someone, we need to focus on the person in front of us and dedicate ourselves to finding out what we can do for that particular person.”


Over time, the woman began to show interest in other skincare products. “Using different products one by one,” says Kayo, “she is getting more and more beautiful. I’m happy to see her smile more often. I’ve learned from her how wonderful it is to ‘become beautiful from the inside as well as from the outside.’”


Kayo and the woman are now close friends and go out together, and Kayo has gotten to know the woman’s sister and daughters as well. “Though it took some time, I’ve fostered a great relationship with her,” Kayo says. This experience has taught Kayo how important it is to foster personal bonds one by one, always to share the long-lasting rewards Nu Skin offers, and to use her belief in the quality of Nu Skin’s products to help improve people’s lives.