Creating Time for Family

Creating Time for Family

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Before Nu Skin, Kazumi Sakamoto had a quality control job at a large factory in Shimane. The job was challenging and paid her a good salary, but the situation changed when restructuring caused many of her colleagues to leave. Kazumi then had to work long hours and on holidays, often without time even for lunch. She continued to work hard, believing that the company’s recovery would lead to her family’s happiness. Looking back on those days, however, she says, “I ended up sacrificing my family life because I could not be with my three children when they needed me most.”


This situation gave Kazumi a strong desire to change her life. She was introduced to Nu Skin and learned that it offered an opportunity for her to spend more time with her family while building financial freedom. She was also impressed by the company’s force for good culture, so she decided to become a distributor—and quickly learned how much it differed from her factory job. “In this business, you need to clearly communicate what you want to share, or you can’t earn an income,” she says. “Developing strong leadership skills is also essential for clarifying your beliefs, values, and visions—and for building your organization.”


In the beginning, Kazumi had difficulty explaining the products, so she attended many seminars and training sessions to expand her knowledge and strengthen her confidence in the products’ benefits. In time, she was able to confidently share the differences of the products with others. She also attended leadership training recommended by her upline. She continued to work hard to become the ideal leader she envisioned by building her personal development and communication skills. This attention to her growth, both as a person and as a leader, enabled Kazumi to build self-confidence and generate the power to keep moving forward.

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Like anyone who is building a business, Kazumi faced many challenges, but she was committed to reaching her goals. “When I became a distributor,” says Kazumi, “I said to my children, ‘I will become successful in this business in order to have more time with you.’ That’s why I didn’t quit even in difficult times.” Her children are now adults, and they have joined their mother to work with her as Nu Skin distributors. Although their reasons for joining the business are different, they were inspired to become part of Nu Skin because they had watched Kazumi work hard every day, overcome obstacles, and achieve Success Trips and coveted Blue Diamond status.


On February 27, 2013, Kazumi’s children held a surprise party with her group members to celebrate her birthday and achievement as a Blue Diamond Executive. “It was really a treasured moment of my life,” Kazumi says. “A gift given to me in return for my efforts in building a successful Nu Skin business.” Her next goal is to achieve Team Elite status with her family and to open free schools throughout Japan to bring smiles to troubled children.


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