How to Give a Successful Presentation from Start to Finish

How to Give a Successful Presentation from Start to Finish

You have likely sat through a number of presentations. You may have been inspired by some and bored stiff by others. As an audience member, it is easy to assume the role of a critic, but now it is your turn to take the wheel. As the presenter, what can you do to ensure your presentation is a success from start to finish? It’s as simple as RACE


Content is key to make any presentation rich. Before beginning your preparations, you will need to know who your audience is and what they are hoping to gain. Simply having visually stimulating content isn’t enough. In order for your presentation to be a success, you should include content that combines both visual appeal and relevancy to your audience.


Nu Skin Tip:

When appropriate, incorporate facial expressions and hand gestures in your presentation to keep your audience engaged.



Here are a few great ways to end your presentation so that your audience feels enlightened and encouraged.


1. End on time. Keep your remarks brief and succinct. As you near the end of your presentation, take a few minutes to summarize the key points you wish your audience to remember most.  Reflect on elements of the meeting that will encourage the most productivity.

2. Stay upbeat. Instill confidence in your audience by recognizing their hard work and contribution. Offer recognition for how their efforts have benefited the company as a whole. This will motivate them to stay on track.

3. Encourage action. Wrap up the meeting with a short list of action items that will help your audience and the company as whole move forward. Close with a pleasant “thank you for coming,” and a smile.




The size of your audience may vary from one meeting to the next, but one element remains constant—the audience will need a reason to believe in what you are saying. If you want your audience to get on board, you must show authenticity and genuine interest in your topic. Allow your passion and energy to come through, giving them reason to believe.


You’ve prepared rich content and developed real passion for your topic. When it comes to delivery, find creative ways to engage your audience. Incorporate personal stories and experiences that are relevant to the subject matter. This will draw in your audience and capture their full attention. The more involved they feel in your presentation, the greater the potential for them to be inspired.

Blake Roney

Presentations and meetings can often feel like a bland practice of the business world. By implementing some of these strategies, your team members and co-workers will be better inspired. They may even RACE to your next meeting. ■