Stick to Your Dreams and Go Through All the Trials

Stick to Your Dreams and Go Through All the Trials

At the age of 37, with nothing to her name, Xu Hong of Guangzhou was full of dreams and courage.  “I believe my dreams are bound to come true,” said Xu Hong in 2003, when Nu Skin formally advanced into the mainland China market and she decided to join Nu Skin as one of the first sales representatives of Nu Skin China.  For her, that was the only belief in her mind at the time.


And it was her dreams that kept her moving forward and working hard. She didn’t let hardships of the past get in her way—as a young girl she had to leave high school when her father became ill to work as a street vendor to help support her family. Later, she spent her days at home. She had no marketable skills, and many thought Xu Hong was destined to live a quiet life and never accomplish anything. However, Xu Hong had other ideas. When she found Nu Skin she decided to give up her idle lifestyle and redesign her life. Her goal was to travel the world with her loved ones with no worries about the time she spent away from home or the demands of a job.


Xu Hong

Within six months of joining Nu Skin, and despite numerous challenges, Xu Hong achieved considerable success. She continued to work hard to build her Nu Skin business, wanting to impress her brother, Xu Dong, who had been a top student at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and then a brand manager at one of the world’s top 500 companies. Xu Hong knew she had to prove herself to her entire family, especially Xu Dong, and had to earn as much as her brother to convince him she could be successful.


Xu Hong’s persistence and effort paid off, because in 2004 Xu Dong and his wife, a successful financial analyst, left their well-established jobs to join Xu Hong in her Nu Skin business. Their involvement in her business confirmed to Xu Hong the potential Nu Skin offered all of them as entrepreneurs. Today, Xu Hong and Xu Dong’s team continually demonstrates top performance and has become a role model for other Nu Skin sales partners.


Xu Hong2

Dreams Do Come True—Xu Hong is Living Proof

Although Xu Hong continued to build her business and earn new rewards, she knew that sharing her successs and wonderful life with someone would make her much happier. Thanks to her donations and involvement in the Nu Skin Force for Good projects in China, she met an orphan—a one-year-old girl with whom she instantly bonded. She adopted the little girl and decided to give the little girl all the love she had. Next, Xu Hong decided to find a husband to complete her family. Through her Nu Skin partners, she was introduced to a successful businessman from Palm Beach, Florida. A year later, he traveled to Nu Skin’s global convention to meet this dynamic woman who dared to dream big, and he was soon captivated by Nu Skin’s force for good culture as well as by Xu Hong. Eventually, he moved to China to create a new life with Xu Hong and her daughter.


Xu Hong knows firsthand the power of dreams. Her success has given her enormous self-confidence, and she has brought glory and honor to her parents through her many accomplishments. She’s been able to take her mother on some of the company reward trips, giving her the chance to travel to places she never imagined visiting. Xu Hong and Xu Dong now have a bigger dream: to help even more people find the same sense of happiness and security they now enjoy. “For many people, money is not what they are short of—what they need is a higher sense of happiness,” says Xu Hong. “I really hope that through Nu Skin, people can find this kind of wonderful feeling that I am now enjoying.” Xu Hong’s happiness is bound to increase as her business grows, because she knows she and Xu Dong have the ability to help people, and that is what makes them really happy.


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