The Power of Visualization

The Power of Visualization


Derrick Tia and Frann Ng never thought they would get involved with a direct selling company; it was not a business model they understood and, therefore, they did not believe it could work for them. In addition, Derrick was at the height of his career as a regional marketing manager with a multinational corporation and Frann was doing well as a finance manager. They had successful positions with respected companies—but they also realized that the higher they climbed professionally, the less time they had for their children and family life.


In 2010, circumstances in their health and fitness thrust Derrick and Frann in an unexpected new direction. Frann had become a TRA customer and liked the results she was getting, so when Derrick needed to find a product to help support good health, she suggested he try TRA as well. He did, and he too got noticeable results. This really caught their attention, and convinced them to share the products with many people so they could help others maintain their health and improve their looks. And although they were doing well in their corporate jobs, they still had a desire to create more time freedom in their lives. This became their defining “why”—their dream.


In 2011, the couple attended the Nu Skin global convention and heard many people’s success stories first-hand. That’s when they understood the huge business potential Nu Skin offered, and the wheels of true opportunity were set in motion for both of them.


Buoyed by their experience at the convention, Frann and Derrick decided to work hard at building their own business, and they quickly learned that Nu Skin is a completely different business model from the corporate world. “A corporate career is a job,” they say. “Basically, we are helping the company generate revenue for shareholders. But in Nu Skin, we positioned ourselves as entrepreneurs who leveraged the opportunity to help many people change their lives, which, in turn, changed ours.”


Catching Every New Product Introduction Wave


Derrick and Frann were consistently supported and encouraged by their upline leaders who helped them believe they could achieve bigger goals with each step of their Nu Skin journey. As they reached key milestones along the way, they grew more and more confident that they could “make it big here.” Their leaders also taught them the importance of effective leadership. “We demonstrate [actions to take] through daily operations,” says the couple. “People don’t really listen to what you say—they will just look at what you do.” For this reason, Frann and Derrick believe it is critical to lead by example and to duplicate this spirit of leadership to team members.


The company’s strategy for introducing new products has been integral in helping the couple build their business. “It helped us realize that if we can catch every [new product introduction] wave, we can grow,” they point out. And they never let setbacks bother them because their focus is always on their dream of creating a better life for their family. In fact, Derrick doesn’t even acknowledge frustrations. “Frankly, I can’t remember any because I have probably accepted that it is part of the journey,” he says.


The Power of Visualization


One way Derrick says he has kept his and Frann’s dream crystal clear in his mind is by using visualization. “I love the beach, so I always had a clear picture of bringing my children and family to the beach to enjoy good ice cream together on the many beaches in the world,” he explains. “I created a strong passion with this picture, and I believe everyone should have such a picture in his or her mind.”


By combining their own experiences with the skills they learned from their leaders, Frann and Derrick now work continuously to educate their team and groom new leaders within their organization. This emphasis on leadership, keeping their dream clearly in sight, and consistently taking action has taken them a long way from the initial dislike of the industry they had just a few years ago. Now they embrace the new life Nu Skin has given them—a life filled with time and financial freedom, as well as healthier habits and improved appearances. And they love sharing the story of their journey with others and giving people the confidence to believe that they too can fulfill their dreams.


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